Swedish Project Runway Designer's New Collection Of Designer Handbags Is Taking Europe By Storm

March 6, 2020

Robert Gül, former contestant in the Swedish edition of Project Runway, has recently launched a new collection of designer handbags under his brand And Yellow Paper. The collection is specifically designed for modern and independent women going for a sophisticated look, with a twist.

If you are in the market for a new handbag and are looking for something sophisticated with a twist, Robert's new collection might be exactly what you are looking for.

To find out what makes the collection so popular, we decided to talk to the designer himself.

We ask Robert about his source of inspiration.

"With And Yellow Paper, I wanted to create a unique brand for sophisticated and independent women. Something affordable with a twist!"

- I looked for inspiration in the late 19th century Paris, with its fashion and art scene. The name And Yellow Paper itself is inspired by notable books from that time, such as the feminist classic The Yellow Book.

Picture: AYP Denise 2 - A classic briefcase, with a modern twist from Robert's new collection.

Full Grain Leather, Luxurious Linings And Accessories Of The Highest Quality 

We ask Robert what makes his new collection of bags so special. His answer is simple...

"The details are what sets us apart."

All bags are made from highest quality full-grain leather.

- Few people know this, but full-grain leather is the tightest form of leather. This makes it the strongest and most durable there is​.

And here's the best part... thanks to the full layer of leather, your bag will only look nicer and nicer over time and develop a unique patina from being handled.

In fact, Robert leaves nothing to chance when it comes to quality and design.

The lining inside every bag is carefully selected to fit the luxurious look and feel of the exterior.

- Many of the bags come with a champagne-coloured, velvet suede fabric interior to create that over-the-top luxury feeling.

Every detail, down to the strong zippers and hardware are on-par with his mission to create the perfect bag.

In the new collection there are also many exciting features making them the perfect choice for urban women that are going for a sophisticated look but still like clever solutions to common travel and work problems.

For instance, both the stylish weekend bags and briefcases are equipped with USB connectors and smart compartments, making them the perfect choices for both a business trip and a weekend getaway.

Here's How To Shop Robert's Entire New Collection With A 30% Discount

If you want to shop the full collection of handbags Robert has been kind enough to give all our readers a full 30% discount on the entire collection. And not only that, right now And Yellow Paper is also offering free shipping for all European customers.

Yes, you read that right. He really is a nice guy with a big heart! That's a 30% discount + free shipping to try something new & true.

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